Roses, Picasso and Workshops

Sometimes you've just got to paint!

I picked these patio roses from my garden yesterday and just had to paint them even though we were in the middle of a plumbing disaster zone!  Whilst I was 'on call' to help my husband when needed, I threw together the piece below with such abandon and speed - it all happened in about 5 mins flat.  I just had to do it!


What struck me was how much better I felt after.  It wasn't the greatest piece I've ever done by any stretch of the imagination - it was just a rough piece after all BUT it WAS a reflection of how I felt, what I saw and my energy in that particular moment and that's what's great about art and the beauty of expressing yourself.  

This friends, is what I want to encourage in my workshops - not necessarily the end product (unless you're wanting to sell your work of course) but the process along the way.

Another great thing about creativity is that how I might interpret something today might be very different tomorrow.  What I include or NOT in my artwork today is all a personal reflection of me and my life in the here and now - I find that beautiful...

Picasso for instance used a variety of styles in his art-making.  The image on the left, Dove was used to illustrate the poster of the 1949 Paris Peace Congress and is an accurate and beautiful rendering of a pigeon that Henri Matisse gave him.  The image on the right is an abstracted, simplified version of the same bird also by Picasso and no less beautiful or meaningful in my mind, just different...

Here are some questions to ponder and these answers will give you some insight into how to include more of 'you' into your work.  

Answer the questions below:

  • What is it that delights you?  
  • What marks bring you joy?  
  • What colours light you up?  
  • What textures do you enjoy?

It doesn't matter where you are in your artistic journey - maybe you haven't picked up a brush since the age of seven and you're scared of making a 'mistake'. I understand that and I was the same way but truly the benefits and blessings that we receive when putting brush to paper are numerous.

Lastly, risk getting it 'wrong' and know you can begin again.  Some of your pieces will please you more than others.  Some will have been carefully rendered and others put together in a few moments.  They're all valuable...

roses display
In my workshops, all I’m interested in, is helping you interpret your personal vision!  
— Jane
Grassfield Hall

So with all that said, if you would like to create loose, personally expressive and meaningful floral paintings at the beautiful Grassfield Hall on Friday, 7th July 10.30am-2pm, please book here and join us, I can't wait to create with you!

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