Rememberance Sunday + my journal


Yesterday of course was Rememberance Sunday and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I found it really moving.  It's always a special and somber day but yesterday more profound still with the 100 year anniversary of the start of World War One.  My grandfather fought in that battle and though he never talked about it to my mother very much (I was about two when he died), I know it must have affected him tremendously. poppy installation

Above is a photo of the poppy installation that is in place at the Tower of London.  Apparently it has taken the last four months to complete by Derbyshire based ceramist Paul Cummins.  I thought it was tremendously thought provoking - a poppy for every British and Comonwealth death since the conflict began.  Very humbling.

So, as I was taking in the moments on television and talking about it with our boys, I felt stirred to create a journal page based upon what I was feeling.  I was feeling so many emotions such as pride, honour, gratefulness but I was also trying to imagine what the reality of it all must have felt like then and also for present day soldiers, the more recent fallen, veterans and families.

When I have a tangle of emotions, I often find writing and/or painting it out really helps sort out those feelings - it doesn't make them magically disappear but gives me a vehicle to let out how I feel.  I find it to be very helpful. rememberance journal

I gessoed my journal page to start off with and then took out a couple photos that moved me.  Then I just began by adding ink to the page and after having blotted the ink, I decided to use the paper towel actually on the page; I liked the immediacy of this. IMG_2542

I dropped some red paint onto the paper with my fingers and 'fashioned' a poppy.  I wrote the words '...lest we forget'.  Red paint was also smeared onto the paper towel - this represents blood that flowed during the conflict and since.


I drew a female figure in amongst the ink, poppies and emotion of this piece.  I don't know if the female figure represents me, mothers who lost their sons, widowed wives, a child or what - perhaps she symbolises all of them and more.  She is crying.

Here I'm not trying to create a visual masterpiece, no - it's just me expressing myself in an honest and personal way in my journal.

digital mosaic

Above is a video explaining the digital mosaic that was created - absolutely amazing and very touching.

We all have difficult emotions and life events that take place but I'm hoping you take moments from the hustle and bustle of life to acknowledge these times and that you have some way of releasing those feelings...  Just something to maybe reflect upon.

Have a blessed week.

Jane xo



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