Sketchbook: pray for Paris


pray for Paris I'm sure you're watching the news too regarding the horrific terrorism attacks in Paris of last night - 128 deaths, 352 injured of which 99 are critical, so far...

It breaks my heart as I see the faces of those missing posted by loved ones and think of the anguish endured by the victims and all the injured.  I think of their families, friends and the desperation they must all feel. #prayforparis

pray for Paris

I also know and believe that evil cannot blot out love, light and goodness - yes, even among such evil as we have witnessed.  The Light of the World is with us always - He will never leave us.  {inspired by: Mat 28:20 nlt}.

I see lines of Parisians wishing to donate blood, taxi drivers giving free rides to whoever needs one around Paris and the guy who rode on his bicycle carrying a portable piano to play a heartfelt rendition of John Lennon's, 'Imagine' outside The Bataclan theatre.

Stay safe friends and let's pray for Paris...





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