Portrait Painting 2019 - The Art Of Contentment

A Year of Portrait Painting With A Gentle Focus On Slow Living and Contentment (with guests)

I truly believe that painting helps us switch off from the pressures of a busy world and reconnect with ourselves, refocus our priorities and forces us to slow down and I don’t know about you but I need more slow and less busy in my life! I want to feel content in spite of the chaos and unpredictability of my life and I have a feeling that might be the same for you.

Art helps us switch off from the pressures of a busy world and reconnect with ourselves, refocus our priorities and slow down.
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I’m so thrilled to share a brand new offering for 2019 with you!

It’s a combination of portrait painting (which you know I love) and then exploring the idea of contentment in a busy world. So as well as painting, we’re going to look at practical and soulful ways that we can explore to help us slow down via my inspiring and creative guests who are also wildly busy but are also seeking a simpler life that includes slowing down...

How It Will Work:

Each month, I'll share with you a new portraiture lesson (for all levels). We'll be dabbling with various supplies and styles of portrait painting using acrylic, ink, watercolour, pastels, charcoal, collage, gold leaf, perhaps some clay and of course, using some basic supplies such as graphite etc.

Alongside the art, sit back with a cup of tea and look forward to being inspired by other creative women and how they find contentment in a busy world. We’ll be hearing from artists, photographers, designers, writers and coaches - all with busy lives but with useful tips to help you slow down. Remember, no perfection or pressure; just a sense of openness, exploration and curiosity.

Contentment Definition:
The state of mind you reach when you look at your life in all it’s imperfection, and say “all is well”.

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For 2019, take the time to reconnect with who you are and what's important. Give yourself this monthly gift of art and inspiration and watch how your year blossoms as you begin creating soulful portraits, slowing down and discovering an inner contentment.

My guests and I hope to see you in the classroom starting in January 2019…

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