Painting Out The Pain - Watercolour Sketches


As we visit Derek, my father-in-law in the hospice these final days, my heart feels so heavy and yet blessed at the same time. painting out the pain

Painting Out The Pain

It's really helped me to express some of the many feelings that are swimming around me by painting out the pain using watercolour. Of course it doesn't take the pain away but it stops the feelings becoming bottled up.

I've just finished reading this article by Barbara Muir, Artist and thought there was a lot of really good advice about working through grief as an artist.

Below are just some of the paintings that have come out of this process.  Some are reflecting my gratitude at having this wonderful man in our lives and some are reflecting the inevitable pain at losing him very soon. painting out the pain

painting out the pain

painting out the pain

painting out the pain

Painting out the pain

painting out the pain

painting out the pain

My hope is that if you are feeling in pain with whatever might be occurring in your life, that you too may find solace in either painting out the pain or perhaps writing - I do this too.  Prayer of course is pivotal and is the center of it all for me and really my sketches are prayers in their own right you could say...

Much love...

Jane xo


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