Paint Your Own Sketchbook Cover and Express Yourself

roses journal cover.png

New Sketchbook 'issues'

The New Year always gets me excited about the potential possibilities of new journals and sketchbooks and what I can do to fill them - you too?  However, I always struggle with the plain black cover and long to put my own personality and creativity into it.  

So, this time around I've painted my own cover on my new Daler & Rowney sketchbook and thought I'd share my process with you all.

In the video, I share my supplies and process in full.  For one of my favourite finishing touches, I added a matching ribbon to place inside my sketchbook, just because.

Click the button below to watch my YouTube art tutorial ...

paint sketchbook cover.jpg

This will be my last post for 2017 and to that end I wish you all a fun-filled and abundant 2018.  Enjoy your New Year celebrations. See you on the other side in January!

Take care.

Jane x


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