Painted Journals Available


I love paper supplies; journals and stationery and thought offering some abstract painted journals would be a great combination!  What's not to love - original artwork and a blank journal/notebook to record your thoughts, dreams, projects etc.

Painted Journals

The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal. Take long walks in the woods.   - Robin S. Sharma

painted journals

As I am the Queen of Stationery, I have several journals 'in action' at any one time.  Two in my handbag, one by the bed, one in the living room, a couple in the kitchen and then there's my planner, sketchbooks, project journals, ideas, to do lists etc.

painted journals

One of my regular routines, once I return from the school run and dog walk, is to settle down and write for 10 minutes or so in my daily journal - really, it's my time to talk with God - to let all of the ups and downs of life pour out onto paper - it's like receiving a big hug, a blanket tenderly wrapped around my shoulders and a 'go on Jane, you're okay' kinda feeling that envelops me afterwards and helps remind me to keep going.

painted journals

The colours chosen for the journals feel light and breezy - like Summer...  The addition of some neon pink, makes me smile and think happy thoughts.

painted journals

So, if you'd care to take a closer look at these pretty painted journals, please click here - I think they would look lovely on a side table and then when you need to capture a thought, day dream or inspiring quote - you've got your painted journal to hand - ta dah!

painted journals

I do hope you have an enjoyable Father's Day weekend and God bless...

Jane xo


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