November 2015 - monthly dreams + goals


Hello November!  I can't believe we're at this point in the year already - yep, are you thinking of the same?  Oh my, not long until Christmas everyone!

November comes And November goes, With the last red berries And the first white snows.

With night coming early, And dawn coming late, And ice in the bucket And frost by the gate.

The fires burn And the kettles sing, And earth sinks to rest Until next spring. -  Elizabeth Coatsworth

November monthly dreams and goals

Last night when I was busy finding papers that I wanted to include in this month's spread, I was curious to note that 'home' was very much on my mind.  Also, a need to feel cosseted, comfortable, warm and cosy - I think that must be why there is a lit candle that caught my eye.  An awareness of wanting to 'hunker down' and 'brace' myself for all the challenges that Winter can bring ie. more viruses and therefore illness, dark nights and mornings, lots of layers with clothes, harsh weather inconveniences (don't you hate it when you get to the car for school in the morning, find it's totally frozen and you know you're already running late?)

November monthly dreams and goals

There's also a leaf that's turning and that's there because well, it's beautiful but also because Autumn is a time of transition - the burgeoning growth of Summer (and early Autumn) and then the dying away of all that abundance.  For me, this always brings a sense of loss but in another way some relief (sweet anticipation) that when the leaves have finished falling, plants aren't flowering etc., that in actual fact preparation will all too soon be underway for Spring.  (See the poem above).

November monthly dreams and goals

Don't you find that in life?  One 'season' (both in life and the calendar year) fades and another begins?  Everything is so cyclical it seems and so much of what we experience, our ancestors would have to.  Some rhythms just don't change and I guess there's comfort in that.

November monthly dreams and goals

It's a busy time at the moment with all sorts of family stuff going on, as well as home life, business etc.  I'm also aware that I need to pace myself as Christmas approaches and will be pondering more on this throughout the month.

How will you pace yourself in November for the frenzy of Christmas?

  • I'm wondering, what's important for you this November? 
  • Anything you're dreaming of? 
  • Anything you want to accomplish in particular? 
  • Is there anything you particularly want less of (or more of)? 
  • How can you be kinder to yourself? 
  • What would make such a difference as to how this month could play out for you? 

Take care, Sweet One.



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