New Puppy, Spring & Pysanky Easter Eggs


Easter crafts, Spring & a little 'Guy' I'd like you to meet!

Happy Spring to everyone!  Easter is nearly here and our boys break up from school tomorrow for just over two weeks - Yay!

In other news, we have a new puppy - he's called Guy!  Guy is 9-weeks old and is a German Spitz Mittel - he's kinda adorable (and very fluffy).  You may know that we already own a German Spitz Klein (the smaller version of the Mittel) and she is called Mia.  In fact, her half-sister (Jen), just won the Utility Group at Crufts!

new puppy spring easter

He's settling in nicely - we brought him home a week ago today.  Mia is adjusting slowly and Robert and I are remembering the ups (and a few downs) of life with a puppy.  Boy, do you forget the extra work but already we are smitten and know that the puppy stage is only brief in the scheme of things (she says with wipes, mop and disinfectant in hand for the umpteenth time today lol).

Oh and Spring - how glad I am to welcome you once again and of course that means that Easter is right around the corner.

New puppy, Spring & Easter

Talking of Easter, I had an opportunity to take our boys and my mother-in-law to a workshop at our church on Saturday.  We learnt how to create Pysanky eggs - it's a Ukranian tradition and we had such fun with this technique.  It has its roots in the pagan tradition but has come full circle to represent new life, Spring, new beginnings and in particular for me, 'new life' as a Christian when we think of Jesus dying on the cross for us.

new puppy spring easter

Below is a video I found relating to Pysanky egg decorating and it helps to give an idea of the process if you've never heard of this before (I certainly hadn't).

Below are pictures of the various dyes that we dipped our eggs into - these looked pretty just on their own I thought.

new puppy spring easter new puppy spring easter new puppy spring easter

On Monday, our church Ladies group got together for an Easter brunch and how wonderful it was.  As you can see, the table was set beautifully - a work of art in itself (thank you, Rose).

new puppy spring easter


Have a fantastic Easter everyone and go easy on the chocolate lol!

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