New painting - It's time to spread your wings


With only a few weeks until the school summer holidays end, it seems my mind is increasingly upon our eldest son, Joseph who will be starting high school the beginning of September.  I'm still working through my feelings on this but I think that's where the inspiration for this painting must have come from - 'It's time to spread your wings'.

New painting - It's time to spread your wings - original on boxed canvas

it's time to spread your wings

I think this focus of letting go stems from a combination of things really...  It's the smaller things like the subtle signs of the summer season on it's way out and autumn not far away.  It's the realisation that our youngest son is not as young as we sometimes would like him to be - do you know what I mean?  There's also some ill-health in the family and all of this reminds me that we really don't have much control at all - even when we think we do...

it's time to spread your wings

it's time to spread your wings

it's time to spread your wings

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

- Alan Watts

So, this painting speaks of change but not in a negative way - we can embrace it (spread our wings) or resist it because one thing is certain, nothing stays static.  No, I don't think it means we always have to like change either but I'm trying my best to be open, curious and alert to lessons and insights that maybe it's time for me to learn.

Even in the process of creating this painting I was learning.  Learning to trust myself and the answers that I hold deep inside that only I know.  Realising that when I feel I'm losing control ie. when the painting seems to be falling apart, that another 'answer' is in the background waiting to be unearthed.  The answer might not be as I'd expected but often it's turns out to be a better fit.

I encourage you to explore your inner fears, feelings and emotions that can feel yucky or messy.  Choose paint, poetry, your journal or whatever other way feels best and then allow yourself the gift of acceptance, time and love to explore.

Jane xo




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