New Online Art Class - Fragments Of Joy

Happy Friday to you!

Fragments Of Joy - Play and Possibilities With Collage

I'm here to let you know about an exciting second online art class I've created (self-paced and unlimited access) - it's called Fragments Of Joy.  I've been busy, busy in the background creating Fragments Of Joy and it's such a delight to be able to add this to my offerings.    

Take a look at the intro. video below...

What is Fragments Of Joy is all about?

'This class is all about letting go using collage.  Enjoy the feeling of spontaneity as you create collages using 'fragments of joy' ie. scraps of paper, fabric, lace etc.  Make a 'memory or story' photo collage in a re-purposed book and then be filled with delight as you piece together a floral still life.  Watch your artwork transform with the addition of atmospheric transparent layers.  Embrace play - make art that doesn't have to 'make sense' but instead makes you feel joyful!' 

projects fragments of joy.jpg

The classroom is open for registration now (classroom opens on 25th October 2017) and if you enter 6OFFCOLLAGEJOY at the checkout, you'll receive the Early Bird Discount.  

Fragments Of Joy is suitable for all - no experience needed.

For more info. go here


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