New Artwork - The Girls Are Back In Town!


A couple of days ago, I started the watercolour painting below entitled The Girls Are Back In Town!  (Update: Sold).  You can purchase a print (the next best thing to the original) here however.

new work - cute cows

I shared some of the process via Instagram (my favourite online location) and people seemed to enjoy seeing the transformation as the piece came together bit by bit.  It wasn't long before it sold.

new work - cute cows

You may think, Dear Reader, that I create in a serene and peaceful setting but in actual fact, that's not usually the case.  With my husband still struggling from leg surgery in June, my Mum's health deteriorating and various other demands of my time, it's really hectic around here.

This particular painting was created in-between cooking dinner, dog-walking, school pick ups, washing, gym visit, then I actually worked on it late into the night and into the following day.  That said, I so love working in watercolour, that it's hardly a hassle. new work - cute cows

I'm really fond of dairy cows and I know that sounds a strange thing to say but it's true.  I watched a documentary about them recently and it turns out, they have very individual personalities within a herd - for instance, you get the sociable one, the loner, peacemaker etc.

new work - cute cows

I do hope your week is going well and that this painting/print, brings a little smile to your face.  Oh and look out for more cows from me I should think - Moo!



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