My New Studio + Advice To You

I've been busy, busy (total understatement) with finishing off decorating, going through our stuff, laying new carpet and generally simplifying our home.  The most exciting however, has been fitting out my studio! 

Gosh, it's taken so, so long this process but really it's needed doing for some time and now it's done, I feel a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that I can 'tie a bow' around such intensive activity for a while.  

Guy (left) and Mia (right) are so nosy.

Guy (left) and Mia (right) are so nosy.

I've never had a 'studio' before and I was desperate to have a space I could call my own.  So, we decided that I would make my art from one end of our really long bedroom.  We had some furniture custom made for the space which I adore and I was determined to make the most of the space available.  The room also has good light, relative peace and quiet and is convenient to the hub of the house, ie. the kitchen.  

Lots of adjustments and tweaking on these shelves with the placement of my items lol.

Lots of adjustments and tweaking on these shelves with the placement of my items lol.

I can't tell you how many hours it's taken to get to this point but I'm there, finally.  By the way, I've sold many, many books along the way and whilst this has been a hard process, it's also been quite cathartic.


So here's my desk!  In case you're wondering, the painting on the desk, is waiting to go to it's new home - Yay!  

As you may be able to tell, I've enjoyed placing sweet little items on my desk and getting organised.  It'll be lovely to have all my supplies to hand and out on display so that I can see what I've got with relative ease.


I know things won't stay very neat for too long but it'll be lovely to not have to put everything away each night from the dining room table lol.  

Things to ponder when setting up your creative space:

* How do you want your studio/art space to feel when you walk in?

* What aspects of your space can you not compromise on? For me, it was the custom-made storage space.

* How could you have your supplies as accessible as possible?

* Will it enjoy plenty of natural light?

* What will you have to get rid of to make the change feasible?  For me, it was mainly books.

* In what little ways can this space feel authentically you? I added little ornaments, a pink tray etc that make me happy.

So, good luck if you're setting aside some time/space in your home for a creative space.  Let me know how things have gone for you.

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