Monthly Practice - May Dreams + Goals


Monthly Practice - Dreams and Goals

Take a peek at my monthly practice of penning dreams and goals for the upcoming month.  

As usual for this monthly practice, I start with images (from magazines typically) and from there, I pay attention to my heart and slowly identify goals and dreams that are important for me in this new month relating to business, family, home, health, faith etc and I write these down.  Hope it inspires you to create your own monthly practice.

May - monthly practice

First off, I'm just enjoying the sun shining in our garden - how about you?  That might be why I was inspired to use sunny yellow, green and gold washi paper within my dreams and goals spread for this month.

May - monthly practice

The woman with the bike (pic above) is inspiring me to think of simpler times and days.  I think it's the nicer weather that is reminding me to take the time to enjoy it.  It always seems that every year at this time, I decide to make a point of enjoying the summer weather etc. and then seem to rarely give myself the gift of just a little time outdoors to sit and enjoy the garden and just 'be'.  This year though, honestly, my body and soul are crying out for a little 'R and R' time.

May - monthly practice

The pic above reminds me again of simpler times and perhaps my childhood and my Granny's weighing scales, bobbins etc.  You see what I mean?  If I pick images that resonate with me, they always have a deeper meaning and give me clues as to what I need in my life too - you'll maybe find the same thing happen for you.

May - monthly practice

I love the quote that I've written out (see above) and here it is:

From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.

- Aeschylus

May - monthly practice

My dreams and goals for May are a mixture of the following:

  • homemaking - some house painting, touching up, organising and tidying (always ongoing lol)
  • gardening - planting some spring/summer flowers with some colour to enjoy
  • friends - gathering time around the table with people we love and enjoy their company
  • listening to God's whispers - being quiet and pushing back the clamour to do more
  • enjoying building our relationship with our new puppy Guy (who is now four months old)
  • Brooklyn - looking forward to time with a friend to see this film and enjoy a glass of wine
  • Bloom - workshop - excited about hosting my first in-person art/journaling workshop locally at the very lovely surroundings of Grassfield Hall, owned by my good friend Lisa Homer
  • art-making (always on the list)

Partial review of April:

  • Robert (my husband) and I started puppy classes with Guy.  We have one more left now.
  • Visited Lime Tree Observatory and had a really interesting evening for this event.  The four of us had a great time and are looking forward to visiting again and this time using the telescope (it had been raining).
  • Enjoyed a couple puppy play dates.
  • Lots of good company at our local church for a Ladies only meal.
  • Guy had his first walk which was crazy.  To say he was excited, would be an understatement lol!
  • Sent out my monthly-ish Newsletter.
  • Gave myself a hand exfoliation.
  • Enjoyed a wonderful orchestral performance arranged via our youngest son's school.
  • Watched 'The Drop Box' film at the church ladies group that I attend.  A must see, very sad but inspiring too.  It's about a pastor in South Korea and how he installed a baby box - 'a warm bin, lodged in a wall, that allows mothers to deposit their children without being seen'.
  • Tour de Yorkshire - waited in the wind and rain with our boys for the cyclists to ride by and then enjoyed some tea and cake.
  • Hubby and I spent a lot of April with a really bad cough, earache etc, so plan to feel a lot better for May (still coughing as I type...).
  • Guy is now fairly practiced with several training commands ie. stay, sit, come, drop and leave.
  • Many, many early mornings taking our puppy outside.

Of course, my monthly practice could look totally different to yours and here Jack Canfield shares the process for a vision board which is similar to what I'm creating but not as specific.

So, I hope May finds you well and please share your monthly practice - do you do something similar or do you have some tips for changing the process around a little?  Do share...


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