June: dreams + goals

For the second year running, I am using the fabulous Tranquility du Jour Daybook by one of my favourite bloggers of all time, Kimberly Wilson.  Kimberly has always been a big advocate of penning monthly goals and dreams in a journal and brought out her very own planner with delightful illustrations dotted throughout from the very talented Mary Catherine Starr. Daybook - Tranquility Jane's monthly goals for June

My June monthly goals and dreams...

I'm sorry that it's a little late in the month but I thought I'd share my 'June dreams' anyway as I find this practice to be really helpful in prompting me to get super clear about my monthly goals, dreams and wishes for the upcoming month.

Monthly goals dreams wishes for june

As far as putting the page together I used some spare watercolour paper with random colour laid on and then once I'd penned my June dreams, I torn the edges of the paper and stuck it down.  I then used various images that resonated with me and fitted in with my need to get outdoors more in the month of June.  Then I stuck down with washi tape a few flowers that I've recently pressed.  Lastly, I dug out a little pink tag and a star - all done!  It took me 10 mins.

If you want to know what I wrote, here it is:

'This month I'm looking forward to being outside more - time for reflection, nurturing and creativity. I want to go for longer walks with my dog, enjoy fresh green salads and drink plenty of water. Lots of painting for me this month as I paint on location at Grassfield Hall in the UK. My senses feel heightened - I plan on taking my lunch outside more. Benjamin (our youngest son) will be nine mid-month and it's Father's Day too! Lots to look forward to and embrace....'

Now when I get off-track, I can just take a little peek at my journal page and it helps me connect once again with my goals, vision and wishes for that particular month.

Have a wonderful weekend. jane digital signature


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