May Monthly Dreams + Goals

Can you believe that May is here already?  Nope me neither - Yikes.  Anyway, it is here and below is my May layout and as usual I had such fun as I went through this simple but profound practice. May

Now it's your turn:

As you contemplate May, here are some things to think about in terms of planning and dreaming...

* How do you want to feel this month?

* What's really, truly important to you to look at or focus upon for May?

* Are your dreams and goals realistic?  If not, tweak them.

* You don't have to complete your goal or dream this month.  Just list the steps you need to take for the month ahead and focus on those. Baby steps work every time.

* Don't worry if you don't meet your May dreams and goals.  Life throws curve balls, things come up, and maybe your dreams and goals don't fit quite right as it turns out.  That's okay.


Also for this month, I've started a Soulful Colour Using Photography section on my free Creativity Circle and I'd love it if you joined in.  The first colour I'd like to focus on is green - right now I'm loving seeing all the various shades of green bursting out for us to see and enjoy.  Let's enjoy this colour adventure together and by all means include items from your home or other aspects of life - the more the merrier.

It's simple to join in.  All you need do is follow the link to my Circle and once you are a Circle Member you are free to join in with this activity together with my free classes, discussions, workshops and monthly Postcard Mail Art Swaps etc. that are in this welcoming arty space...

Have a wonderful weekend...

Jane x



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