March 2016 {dreams/goals, review + budget}


March 2016 monthly dreams and goals

Hello March 2016 and once again, I'm here to share my monthly dreams and goals with you and hope you might be inspired to do the same!

Below I list some of my dreams and goals for March, I also talk a little about my  previous 'month's review' and lastly using a budget (spending) review.


It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.

- Charles Dickens


This time around, I decided to also review the previous month - just to see what worked and what didn't.  Honestly, I usually skip this part of the process because I'm more preoccupied with starting the new month than looking at the previous.  However, I found it to be really useful for planning this month and knowing where things got accomplished (or not).

march 2016

To do this 'review', I referred to my Day Book, calendar, looked at what I'd written for February's dreams/goals and then went on to think about what actually transpired, what didn't, what could be left out and what needed to be carried through to March.

march 2016

I made a list of items that did get accomplished for February (see above and below) and then re-prioritised.

I grabbed some images (often from past issues of Country Living Magazine) that caught my eye and without being too 'precious' or thinking it through particularly, just glued them down, added some washi tape and began pondering what I wanted to write for March.

march 2016

There are business goals, but also items relating to personal aspects of my life, like health, spiritual and family - I encourage you to do the same, think of your life in all respects.

Here is some of what I penned for March (and in no particular order):

  • create 1-2 paintings per week
  • 2+ blog posts per week
  • prepare for upcoming watercolour workshop
  • more journal writing, art journaling
  • prayer and family prayer
  • video project (will share when I can)
  • continue taking longer walks with my hubby now Spring is approaching (although snow today, lol)
  • Easter plans?
  • continue playing and experimenting with new healthy recipes, exercise etc.
  • further updating of my website

A little of February's review (no particular order):

  • surgery completed for Mia (our little dog) - skin tag removal (thankfully no cancer etc)
  • started physio for my knees and arthritis
  • finally hung pretty vintage plates on our living room wall
  • working on further optimisation of my website
  • completed a post about my faith journey
  • sorted through many, many books of our youngest son and donated, sold etc.
  • began using My Fitness Pal app and enjoying some success
  • enjoyed one longer walk with my husband

Lastly, I did a budget review and that involved checking my spending for each week of February and particularly, where money had been allocated.  I'm using the Spending Tracker app 2.5 via my iPhone and really would recommend it.

So, over to you - any particular goals, aims, dreams for March?  

Was there something you didn't manage last month but would like to this month?  

Anything new you want to bring forth in your business, your health, exercise or home life?  


If so, write it down and do what you need to do to help it unfold for March.

As always, let me know how you're getting on...








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