Make your own affirmation cards

make your own affirmation cardsAffirmation cards for when you need a little pick me-up...

A nurturing and inspiring idea to add to your self-care practice


You will need the following to make your affirmation cards:

affirmation cards

* 1 sheet of watercolour paper.  I used a 12 x 9 inch, 140 lb NOT (cold pressed) Daler & Rowney paper fyi

* Water spray

* Container of water to keep your brush clean

* Watercolour paints

* Paper (for your words)

* A typed or written list of any combination of the following: affirmations, favourite quotes or poems, bible verses or messages from loved ones

* Glue stick or child's craft glue

* Favourite stencil if you wish


Step by step guide:

1.  So, the first thing is to spray your paper very wet.

2.  Then add a couple of your favourite colours to the paper - make sure that you have plenty of paint on the brush and plenty of water too - tap your brush and let it fall haphazardly onto the paper.

spray paper wet

3.  Add some more colours in just the same way to your paper.  Let them merge a little - you can lift the paper up and help them along...

more colours onto wet paper

4.  Continue to add paint until your sheet of watercolour paper is full of happy colour!

full of colour

lots of colour

5.  Write or type your inspiring words and cut them out - I used some pinking shears on some of my pieces of paper.

6.  Cut your watercolour paper  into even sized shapes depending upon how many cards you are making.

affirmation cards 14 May 2014 17-40

7.  Wait for your paper to be thoroughly dry and once it is, stick down your chosen words.

cards complete

8.  Find yourself a little bag to pop your beautiful cards into.

affirmation cards and bag

9.  Add some little sparkly bits to your bag or, spray it with a little perfume and pop your cards inside ready for when you need a sprinkle of positive inspiration to brighten your day.

affirmation cards in a bag


Further ideas:

* Why note make these for a friend and give them as a little surprise if she's going through a challenging time.

* Lovely gift for children to make for their grandparents.  They could include some thoughts on what they love about that particular relative.

* Keep them on a little china saucer or plate and let friends and visitors pick one as they enter.  You never know, these may be the words they needed to hear.

* Keep a journal handy of any other words, quotes, verses, poems etc that you would like to add to your collection.

*  Think about a ritual that you could work around these cards - maybe lighting a candle each morning, closing your eyes and saying a prayer or writing in your journal thoughts that come up when you read your chosen card for the day.

* Get your children to make some for themselves - great to get them thinking about their own self-care the younger the better.

* Cut out small images that you like and stick them onto the watercolour card if you want to add an extra dimension to your cards.

* When you are going away next, think about bringing them with you...

So, I hope you've been inspired and enjoy trying this for yourself.  If you want to let me know how this went for you, please leave me a comment, I'd love to hear how it's worked for you.

As an alternative, pop by and visit me at my Facebook Page and post a photo or share your post to my page and let me see your creations - I can't wait...

Finally, please share this post with friends or loved ones that you think might be interested - the more the merrier, right?  ;)

Take care...

Jane x



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