Le Tour de France 2014 : Inspiration

Around here, we are getting very excited about the Le Tour de France because the first leg of the race is in my 'neck of the woods' ie. Yorkshire (UK) before then moving onto Cambridge, Dover and then across to France. Everywhere you look it seems there are inspiring, fun and colourful things to see.  It's like a breath of fresh air moving through the village and surrounding area and it makes me feel happy, lighthearted and energised.

So many homes and businesses have got into the spirit of the occasion and are displaying spray-painted bikes of all sizes.  There's bunting, flowers, cycle inspired baking - like with these really cool bicycle inspired fondant fancies from one of my favourite places - Betty's and even a tree sculpture (see below).

Anyway, I thought it might be fun to make a Pinterest board (see the screenshot below) with some of my photos and other bits of inspiration I've found here and there with the theme of Le Tour.

The photo of the bunting (top row, second to left) is just a little example of how the whole school is decorated in the playground of our sons' school at the moment.  In addition, I love the tree sculpture (top row, second to the right) - I drove past it the other day in Harrogate and must visit it again 'in person'.

Le Tour de France - 2014 on Pinterest 2014-07-04 14-45-07

If you would like to see the links directly, then please visit me on Pinterest.  Have a look at my other boards or perhaps follow me by clicking here.

Anyway, wherever you are, I hope you have a wonderful weekend - I think I'll be switching between the Le Tour de France and Wimbledon myself.  ;)

Jane xo


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