June Dreams + Goals : Summer Planning


Hello June and Summer planning...

June = Summer planning for me.  For those of you in the States, your Summer has possibly already begun but here in the UK, for a lot of people (particularly with school-aged children), ours kicks in when the schools break up for the Summer, which is usually the third week of July.  I will spend a lot of time with our boys but there will still be my work to juggle, home commitments etc.

So, I'm thinking some Summer planning ideas would be a great idea.  Having been inspired by Gretchen and her recent podcast (number 67) where she asks 'How will you make your own Summer?' (and then further discusses this topic on her podcast called Happier), I'm also keen to come up with some activities that both set this time apart from the rest of the year (and therefore make it special and distinct) and that will get us thinking about what could bring joy to us both as individuals and as a family.  Like Gretchen, I feel this is only going to work if we choose activities that are 'true' to us, ie. not what we 'think' we should be doing.  I'll keep you posted next month as to what we come up with...

June dreams and goals - Summer planning

Meanwhile, June is always a lovely month as it marks warmer weather (please!), our youngest son's birthday (this year 11), Father's Day and lighter evenings - to name but a few.  Oh and of course, flowers to paint!

June dreams and goals - Summer planning

Some thoughts, dreams and goals on my June list (and in no particular order):

  • being mindful of my time and how I choose to spend it.
  • continue to experiment with healthy, new recipes for our family.
  • plan some walks that are new to us as a family in our local area now that Guy can walk a little further now that he is five months old!
  • a major, major wardrobe declutter.
  • more faith art explorations in my journal.
  • Benjamin's 11th birthday
  • Going to a bridal shower on Sunday and I'm looking forward to that.
  • Bridge of Spies - have booked to see this film locally with my husband based on great reviews.
  • order new carpet for our soon to be 13 year-old's bedroom.
  • teach two further Bloom workshops this month.

June dreams goals - Summer planning

Above is my hand-written review of May and below I share some of those items at random:

  • Made some lovely new recipes including Hemsley + Hemsley grain-free banana bread.
  • Invited to a dear friend's, daughter's 21st birthday party.
  • Our youngest went on his first school residential and time away from home.
  • I got my hair cut and so did our boys.
  • Puppy classes completed!
  • Benji sat the national SAT exams.
  • Hubby and I had friends around for dinner which we thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Struggled with a cough all month.
  • Hung some of my artwork in a local cafe that's newly opened it's doors for business - Rachel's Tea Room.
  • Saw the film Brooklyn with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Enjoy this month of June and if you have thoughts on Summer planning, please drop me a comment - I'd love to hear.





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