July Monthly Dreams + Goals


Well, hello there July!  It’s that time once again to reflect upon the month ahead and then to jot down or draw/collage/photograph/paint our monthly dreams and goals!  I’ve just completed mine and they are below.

"Answer July— Where is the Bee— Where is the Blush— Where is the Hay?

Ah, said July— Where is the Seed— Where is the Bud— Where is the May— Answer Thee—Me—" -  Emily Dickinson, Answer July 


In connection with this month, over in my growing little creative community on Facebook, this month’s colour focus is PINK and so I’ve also weaved that in with my July theme below.  By the way, if you’d like to join my Facebook group, you’d be more than welcome and don’t forget to share your pages with us!


July is going to be a busy month with my husband taking time to recover from some surgery to his leg, our son turning 12 and all the celebrations around that, as well as the start of the school holidays - which this year will be for seven weeks!  Of course there are the usual 'life things' to take care of, ongoing family health issues and business.


The words above, 'In pursuit of the good life...' really struck me and captured my attention and so I decided to include them in my dreams and goals for this month.  Too often I get distracted and try to accomplish too many things in the time I have and so this month I want to focus on 'the good life' and simple pleasures in amongst my day to day responsibilities.


So have a wonderful July and if like me you love tennis, I hope you're managing to indulge in a little Wimbledon.

Jane xo


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