July : dreams + goals


I can't believe we're in July already! Last month I shared my journal page for June and thought it would be fun to make this a regular 'slot' for my blog.  If you're wondering what I'm using to 'house' these monthly dreams, it's the Tranquility du Jour Day Book by Kimberly Wilson - I love it!

Anyway, when I look at my July journal spread, I can see I've chosen summer colours and perhaps have been inclined to add yellow due to the Le Tour de France taking place round here for the next couple of days (see my last post).

I tend to grab things from my 'scraps basket' that draw my attention and that also reflect how I would like to feel - whether that may be an image, a colour, words etc.

I find that the process really helps me get clear about my priorities for that month and just gets me thinking how to organise the month in order to make the best of it without compromising myself and the things that need to get done as well as enjoying some self-nurturing time.

How I created my July dreams + goals

Back to the spread - I've also added tissue paper, washi paper, a magazine illustration from Daphne's Diary (my current favourite magazine), a pressed dried flower, little snippet of wallpaper and a couple vintage inspired labels.

july dreams 2

The words I've added say:

There's lots happening this month but I plan to spend quality relaxing time too!  I see time sketching, longer walks (with Mia), the beginning of the school holiday's and sleep ins. 

I want to savour my days instead of seeing them rush by in a blur.

Yes, time to savour...

july dreams 3

I added more words to a blank page in my journal - just to go a little deeper and explore a little further.

july dreams

So many activities are happening at school (never mind business, home, friends, family etc) such as sports day, leavers assembly for those going to high school (including Joseph - yikes!), school trips, kayaking for the year 6's, parents evening, two high school transition days for Joseph and all the other year 7's and then a follow up meeting for the parents that evening.

Next Sunday we are celebrating another year of 'young church' and then continuing the celebrations with a bbq that a family is very kindly hosting for us all.

Joseph will be eleven in less than two weeks and on the same day he will be leaving for his second school residential.

With my calendar already looking quite full, I'm aware that I want to enjoy all the activities coming up but at the same time I want to savour some down time too.  I think putting this spread together has helped me realise that I'm going to have to work at balancing this month out a little, otherwise it's going to fly by and meanwhile, I'll be exhausted.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, just gather some magazine images, discarded bits of envelope, stamps, wrapping paper etc. and make your own.  Let me know how it goes for you or by all means post your spread over on my Facebook page.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend and happy July!

Love Jane xo


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