Hello July - Display Dreams + Goals


Hello July - Display Dreams + Goals

The air feels full of promise this July.  Not sure why particularly but I guess I'm just enjoying Wimbledon being on, walks with my husband/dogs in the morning (oh the bliss of not needing lots of layers) and doors/windows open (some of the time) whilst I work.

Then followed that beautiful season... Summer.... Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Yes, July is the time of year when everything is just about at it's most bountiful.  Flowers are blooming, butterflies and bees are out as well as young animals in the fields, gardens, water and skies etc.

Below is my monthly spread display for July and the images seemed especially fitting for this month.  The image top right is so my style.  From the white tablecloth with pretty items spread upon it to the different styled and coloured chairs.  I love that mismatched ecclectic look!

monthly dreams/goals display

I think for me it is suggesting being relaxed, at ease (not always a reality lol) in my home and life.  It also speaks of mixing things up a little, bringing more of me and my personality to 'the table' of life, if you get me.


Moving on, the image bottom right, is a frequent topic for me - ie. healthy eating.  I love the bright colours and whilst I might not have smoothies of a bright green or orange colour this July, still the idea of fresh, healthy and life-giving food fills me with ongoing excitement as I try lots of new salad and vegetable recipes.

monthly dreams/goals display

The next image I chose is a no-brainer - yes, there's always the desire to create more art.  However, it's probably no surprise to you but I also create artwork that stays in my sketchbook just for my eyes only and this picture reminds me that it's important to keep my supplies handy so that I can put aside time for personal self expression as well as work that is created for others.

monthly dreams/goals display

This time around, I've printed off my spread and I'm choosing to display it attached to the 'hub' of the house - yep, the fridge!  I figure this way, my dreams/goals stay visible (in amongst all my fridge magnets lol) and will be a reminder of what I want to bring (and leave behind) this month.

Too often I write out my goals/dreams and then sometimes forget exactly what they were because they're not on display.

monthly dreams/goals display

I've also written some words that seemed to fit the mood of this month and how I'm wanting to feel.  I chose: nurture, abundance and calm.

monthly dreams/goals display

Some plans, thoughts, dreams and goals on my July list (and in no particular order):

* Joseph will be turning 13 years old - oh, the teenage years are soon to be upon us lol.  

* I'm keen to paint a new series this month.

* Daily prayer time.

* Gym review tomorrow - not had one in a while so it will be fun to work from a new plan.

* More house painting - I don't always look forward to this but I sure enjoy it when I've managed to fit in.  

* Leavers service for our youngest son before he heads to high school in September. 

* Words for this month: Abundance. Nurture. Calm.

So, please let me know, how you like to dream, plan and organise the month ahead - I'd love to hear from you.


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