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I love Instagram and post there frequently - truth be told, it's my favourite online place to connect.  Meanwhile, here on my blog, I'll be regularly sharing a roundup version of my various activities from the previous week.  Lastly, it would be lovely to connect with you over on Instagram - so please come by and say 'Hi'.  

Thursday, 11th February 

Check Ewe Out - new painting

Roundup number one - I finished a new mixed media painting entitled Check Ewe Out!  A fun painting inspired by the dyed sheep that I first saw in the Dales, here where I live in 2014 whilst 'Le Tour De France' was underway.  In fact, the teams cycled right through our village (in just a flash!) and surrounding villages - all in all, there was quite a bit of excitement.

This year I'm looking forward to Le Tour Yorkshire.  The first phase of the race will include some routes very local to where we live.  Let's hope there's lots more dyed sheep!

Friday, 12th February

paint with me 2 pic (2)

Roundup two.  I'm thrilled to now offer Paint With Me classes (in my home) for two or more individuals per session.  The class will be for one hour at a price of £25 (including tea/cake for two people).  This class is going to feel really relaxed and will have no set rules and guidance will be given as  you require it.  You'll paint whatever you wish in whatever medium you prefer.  It's all about making painting/creativity fun, playful, accessible and doable for all.  So whether you create regularly or you haven't lifted a paintbrush since you were child, I'm here to help you.

Saturday, 13th February


This is Joseph our eldest son who is coming up to 13 years old in the summer!  Gosh, where did the time go?  Both our boys are taking music exams the beginning of March and it's actually Joseph's first grade exam so I think I'm more nervous than he is.

Benjamin, our youngest, is taking his second grade clarinet on the same day as Joseph.

I must say that having them play an instrument is one of life's joys, especially now that they've progressed so much and it's just so relaxing to listen to them.

Sunday, 14th February

IMG_8598 (1)

Valentine's Day!  Here are our cards to each other.  I didn't receive chocolates this year but instead decided to buy some plants (although, we haven't got around to it yet) to pop outside.

Chocolates are just too tempting and since I'm watching what I eat in order to lose some pounds, we're changing things up a little.

I hope you have a joy-filled week and in the meantime, come over to Instagram and say 'Hi'.

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