In her heart - new painting...

This most recent painting comes from the heart.  It contains words I needed to hear and when I started to paint, the words came too.  As you can see, the painting is in a primitive, raw and child-like style and I find this to be a freeing and inspiring way to paint from the heart.  It's called - 'In her heart...' in her heart 1 15 Apr 2014 13-44.52

This painting isn't about perfection at all!  It's all about releasing stuff that's on my heart - the good, the scary, the beauty of life, worries, fears, insecurities etc.

in her heart side  15 Apr 2014 13-46.00

I used oil pastels, acrylics, collage materials, glitter glue and a little sequin for the girl's necklace. in her heart words 15 Apr 2014 11-59.21

The words that came to me were the following:

'In her heart she knows it will all work out

- that's it all meant to be for her own good. 

In the meantime, she holds on

tightly to her faith...'

I think art can be so much more than painting a 'pretty' picture (of course, it can be that too + that's great!).  It's also about expressing who we are and how we see the world at this moment in time through all our vulnerabilities and frailties.  It's about healing, working through the messy stuff of life, being brave and having faith in the ultimate outcome.  It's about sharing something deeply personal of yourself, feeling daunted and afraid, but doing it anyway.

Have a happy Easter weekend and if you are wondering about joining us on Monday, 21st April for the launch of my brand new  ecourse entitled Embrace, it's not too late to register for the class.   Please come join us, we 'd love to have you...

Jane x

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