I'm back in my new space!

It feels like it's been an eternity that I've been away but at last I'm back!

I've moved from Wordpress.org and couldn't be happier with my brand new site that I've created.  So many hours, blood and guts have gone into creating this space for you and I'd love to hear your feedback, including if there happens to be any technical issues. 

Don't worry, if you're on my blog list, you'll still keep receiving my posts directly in your inbox and likewise for my Newsletter list.  If you're not on these lists and would like to receive news, updates, offers, free classes, blog posts etc, then please sign up. 

Oh and before I forget, take a look at my Free Classes and Workshop pages - lots happening.  

The site is all but done but on the home front, we're still in the middle of a hiatus of activity.  We're decorating our bedroom, fitting new carpet and having some custom furniture made.  What I'm really, really excited about is that I'm moving my 'studio' ie. the kitchen table lol to our bedroom.  I know, seems weird but we have a really long room and there's plenty of space to have a little studio with everything I need at my fingertips at the far end (by the window).  I'll be sure to share some photos...

Thanks for being here and sticking with me, you're the greatest.  


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