Hope in 'real life' + new artwork


My new painting entitled Hope is appropriately (and deliberately) named. The words read:

I place all my hope in you, Lord...

and that's just what I'm living (or trying to) folks...


My Mum has suffered a series of mini strokes recently and whilst we wait for further tests to learn of the extent of the damage, the above words are what keep me going.  After all, I can't control this - as much as I would like to...  Of course I'm worried (understatement) but I'm choosing to pray and trust that things will work out for the best.


I didn't know what I was going to paint when I started this piece but soon the girl began to take shape and the words came to me as I was thinking about Mum.  The more I painted, the more I felt a wave of peace enveloping me and a deep knowing that I was not alone.

Below, you will see the artwork (with my reflection in the mirror lol) on our mantelpiece because I need to keep reminding myself of the words and this seemed like a good location.



I wanted to paint from my heart and not be hampered by how I 'think' something should look - feelings of imperfection etc.  Lives aren't perfect are they - far from it.  This painting is about hope though - hope that there is a 'bigger' plan and even though we might not always understand (or even like) what's happening, nonetheless hope and faith is what's going to get us through.

Jane xo