Holiday + Family Journal Update


We've returned from a short family holiday to the Yorkshire Coast and I'm still wading through washing and other household stuff  but what a lovely time we had. You might remember, I started a family journal recently.  I can't say that there has been much input from the rest of the family (surprised? lol) but in any event, I'm enjoying the process and below are updated pages from the journal.

Family Journal Holiday Update

family journal

family journal

family journal

No, I couldn't possibly not share with you some larger photos from our trip to the Yorkshire Coast.

our boys

Saltburn pier

Saltburn by the Sea

In the first photo, the boys are looking over the Saltburn by the Sea pier which was first opened in 1869.  Unfortunately, it's been the victim of many mishaps over the years and is no where near its original length but still oh so impressive.

Robin Hood's Bay

One of the highlights for me was visiting Robin Hood's Bay - so quaint (see pic above) and picturesque with its winding streets, cute shops, great fish and chips, pretty tea shops, a FANTASTIC second-hand book store and all this with very steep hills!  It had been known for smuggling many years ago.

Runswick Bay

robin hoods bay holiday


windy streets



Here are some pictures of Whitby harbour taken one evening and the whole experience made even better by devouring some hot doughnuts!

Whitby at night

Whitby holiday

Whitby Abbey holiday at night

Above you can see Whitby Abbey albeit a bit blurred.

rocking pooling

The boys (and hubby) enjoyed a bit of pool dipping and found a few treasures (that they then returned to the sea).

Below are some pics of Runswick Bay and we really enjoyed the charm of this pretty place - with a small beach, only a few shops but a tonne of beauty and a feeling of tranquility for us all.  Oh and apparently the Methodist Church was built by the women of the village!

Runswick Bay

Boys and Runswick Bay


Runswick Bay

The old Coastguard Station above apparently closed in the 1970's.

Below is a pic of Whitby Abbey and a few other miscellaneous photos from our trip.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby holiday



I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse into our holiday.

Jane x0


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