A Heavy Heart #Manchesterbombing + 1 more

It's with a heavy heart that I say 'Hi' today.  

This is the morning after the horrific bombing at Manchester Arena.  So far, there are 22 that have passed away and 60 approx. that are injured.  

My heart goes out to the victims and their families.  This is what I wrote on Facebook, as I'm desperately trying to take in what has happened:

I can’t imagine the agony, trauma, pain and despair for the victims families and everyone else involved ie. ambulance, police, hospitals etc. Our prayers are with you #manchesterarena *** As I heard the news, I was putting away dishes this morning, making school lunches and going about my day - and in my every day domestic routine, my heart was breaking for those who have this to bear and who would love to just be seeing to their normal, every day routine. *** I want to say violence will never win. The Light can never be distinguished. Much love everyone as we mourn together...
— Jane
BBC News photo. 

BBC News photo. 

I was going to share a couple of sketches that I've created recently but thought it paled into insignificance.  So, instead I'm sharing a sketch I made from a couple of years ago when this had happened.  

Painting out the pain

Painting out the pain

This piece was created out of sadness and that's how I feel today.

Take care you...


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