How To Heal A Broken Heart - Book Review - Carolyn Hughes


heal Yesterday I received a book that I had ordered a couple days ago, entitled 'How to Heal a Broken Heart - Let go of pain and learn to love again'.  It's written by my good friend Carolyn Hughes of The Hurt Healer and I just wanted to share a little about it as I think it's such an important piece of work for so many of us.

If you haven't come across Carolyn, she resides in the UK and is a freelance writer.  Many of her posts and articles have been published across the UK and USA.

Carolyn has a very moving story to tell the world and she does so with grace, honesty and wisdom.  When Carolyn was three, she was abandoned by her mother and sent to live with her father and from there ensued all kinds of heartache including depression, alcoholism and despair.

Love is Always the Answer...

In the book, Carolyn shares snippets of her story and inspires anyone who has been hurt to forgive.  Some of the topics in the book include healing, finding serenity, loving yourself, finding your passion and the meaning of love.

At the end of each chapter, Carolyn includes some practical steps towards healing a broken heart - such as, 'writing a letter to your broken heart'.

If you've ever read Carolyn's blog, each post always includes at least one quote and therefore as an additional (and wonderful) aspect to the book, Carolyn has added inspiring quotes for each day of the year.

Finally, the book ends with Carolyn's story, her depression, alcoholism, an inevitable breakdown and then finally getting her life back and becoming the woman she was always meant to be.

All in all friends, a must read from a pretty amazing woman.

Jane xo

PS. If you have any books that you would like to recommend on this topic, please pop them into the comment box below to help other women who may need some encouragement and support.





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