HeadsUp50 No 1 Collage and Two New Videos #Depression

headsup50project 1.jpg

Here is the first collage entitled: It's A New Day from my #HeadsUp50Project

Incidentally, you might be confused because it was a different face yesterday - mmmm, that's because I changed it at 1am this morning!  Wasn't happy with her face... :)

Anyway, in the videos below, I'm sharing some specifics on why I'm doing this project, a little of my story and some specifics on the collage.  Please note, these videos are not edited, I've got no makeup on and yep, you get the gist of it - I'm speaking straight from the heart.

By sharing honestly, I hope to help others along the way and I also want you to remember that art really does help you to sort through the chaos in your head, even when you aren't necessarily aware of this happening.  

My artwork will be available to purchase in the near future.  

Have an amazing weekend...

Thanks for being here.

Jane x

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