Goals / Dreams / Review - April 2016


Goals and Dreams for April 2016!

Below I share some of my dreams and goals for April along with a partial review of the previous month.

As usual for this monthly practice, I start with images (from magazines typically) and from there I pay attention to my heart and slowly identify goals and dreams that are important for me in this new month relating to business, family, home, health, faith etc and I write these down.

April 2016 - monthly goals dreams

Here is some of what I've noted down for April:

  • Of course, painting features heavily.

  • Nurturing time in the form of prayer, walking, day dreaming, going to bed early, time with my journal and bible reading etc.  Always a priority for me.

  • I'm also keen to continue trying new healthy recipes for my family.

  • Bluebells will be appearing this month (all being well) and I'd like to take my annual walk through a local bluebell wood.

  • Continue to pray as a family and encourage our boys to participate in ways that feel right for them.


April is a promise that May is bound to keep.

- Hal Borland


As you'll see in the photo below, I wrote out the words 'planting seeds for the future' right on top of an image showing someone planting out a sapling.  Reassessment and the need for change regarding various aspects of my life are definitely featuring heavily for me at the moment.

April 2016 - monthly goals dreams

'New life' (see image below) - in the literal sense ie. Spring, but also to new ways of thinking, working, loving and living...

April 2016 - monthly goals dreams

A little of March’s review (no particular order):

  • Mother's Day festivities - unfortunately my Mum was unwell.

  • Our boys passed their music exams - yay!  Goals achieved!

  • Lunch at a dear friend's house.

  • Enjoyed Sweet Rhubarb Tea.

  • Made a daffodil themed journal page.

  • Tried a few new recipes; red rice salad, roast cauliflower and lemon, almond pancakes.

  • Exhibition at How Stean Gorge for the month. 

  • Attended a couple school events for our youngest and was really proud to see him win the 'Brown Bear Award' for his class.

  • Enjoyed a tasty Easter Monday meal with family.

  • Finished reading Gift of the Red Bird (would highly recommend). 

  • Enjoyed creating a sketch from nature featuring Alder catkins.

  • Created various blog posts.

  • Bought our new puppy, Guy!  He's now nearly 11 weeks old.

April 2016 - dreams and goals

Enjoy April dear friends and keep safe.



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