Free Watercolour Class


watercolour class Today I'm really excited to share with you a free watercolour class via my recently created Womens' Creativity Circle.  This particular class contains a series of three videos where I chat about supplies, share tips, show some examples of my own work and take you through two videos whilst showing you the 'wet in wet' and 'wet in dry' techniques that you normally associate with the watercolour process.

watercolour class

This free watercolour class is all about inspiring and equipping you to create some cute  and easy to produce paintings using a medium you perhaps haven't used before or have used but you weren't happy with the results.  My aim is to demystify this medium; to set you at ease for experimenting and play!  I also talk about using other media alongside watercolour and touch on ideas for creating texture ie. using salt.

If you are already familiar with watercolour, the videos might just give you some fun ideas for taking your paintings in a different direction just by trying something new or approaching things from another point of view.

Adding watercolours to your 'creativity arsenal' is such fun and makes a great way to spend an hour or two with your children; I love the easy set up and clear away!

watercolour class

To gain access to this free watercolour class simply sign up to my creativity circle and then click 'join us' (in pink lettering).  From there, you will also be able to join three other classes that are available for free.

So come on over and enjoy this free watercolour class whilst connecting with other like-minded women.

Jane xo





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