Finishing Touches - Vintage Plate Display


Vintage Wall Plate Display - Try this at home

A vintage wall plate display obsession is what I have ladies and I think it could be contagious!

I adore pretty and feminine looking plates, cups, saucers etc and after struggling to find something to adorn a feature wall in our living-room, I decided to try a vintage wall plate display and I'm so glad I did.  Follow below to see my process... vintage plate display

vintage plate display

vintage plate display

Here is my process and some points to consider when creating your own plate display.

  • Hunt down some vintage plates/saucers, soup plates and even vegetable terrines from relatives, charity shops, eBay and Etsy etc.  Try and vary the shape and size of the item.

  • Please include some love, sentimentality or history with your vintage plate display.  The plate above is one of my great grandmother's and this fact alone makes my heart sigh with gratitude and wonder that I am holding on to a little part of her life.

  • Are you noticing a particular colour ie. pink (well, I would choose that colour right?) that grabs you or perhaps a theme ie. flowers, birds, animals?  Try and keep the colours and theme going for continuity ie. I've chosen a lot of green, pink and hints of yellow for the most part.  

  • Think an uneven number of items - I chose 11.  Uneven or odd numbers often display better visually as our eyes scan.

  • Think about the space and what shape would best fit?  Geometric and organised or haphazard?

  • How are you going to hang the plates?  I used plate hangers and brass picture hanging hooks (purchased via eBay) but you may have a different idea.

vintage plate display

Now that you have your plates/saucers to hand, lets move on to the next stage.

  • Draw around the plates onto white paper and then position (and re-position) the cut outs on your wall until you're comfortable with a particular lay out.  Just as an aside, I used Blutak to start with and found that it left a stain on the paintwork sometimes.

  • Take a photo of your plates (from a flat surface/floor) in your desired pattern, so that you remember which order to put them in once you're hanging them up.

  • As the plates are going up, keep stepping back to the other side of the room to check you're happy with the desired effect.

  • Stand back and enjoy.  It will bring you so much pleasure - it has me.

vintage plate display

I found this video (after I had created mine typically!) over on Martha Stewart's website - she gives a lot of great tips too.

Oh and if you decided to create a vintage plate display in your home, please come on over and share your photos in the Facebook Group or via my Facebook Page.

Take care and happy plate hanging!


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