February: Monthly Dreams + Goals and Circle Updates


Happy February!  The other day I shared with you a Circle update - a new watercolour class (part 1)! Since then I've added a couple more free groups.  The first group is part of a new on-going series called Monthly Dreams and Goals and the other is an artist spotlight series called 'Artist Up Close and Personal'.

Monthly dreams + goals

As you may know from my blog, since June 2014 I have set aside some time each month to craft my monthly dreams and goals in my Daybook (planner/diary/notebook is fine too!) and have found it to be so useful, that I've decided to make this a free ongoing group on my Circle so that other women can gain inspiration and also showcase their dreams and goals.

I find the combination of reflecting upon the month ahead and what I'd like to bring to that month, as well as the writing out and then tying it all together by adorning the page, is a simple but powerful practice that helps me live my life in a more focused and deliberate way.

Below you will see February's outcome.

circle update circle update circle update

Artist Spotlight - 'Artist Up Close + Personal'

The 'Artist Up Close + Personal' interview is something I had started on my blog previously and then it had fizzled out but really it's something that I would like to reincarnate and will now host this regular series on my Circle, probably once per month.  You are welcome to join this free group and from there I will be sharing interviews, videos, even some artist videos where that chosen artist may share a technique, favourite supply or tip with you.

So my first interview is one I had shared previously with the lovely and multi-talented artist, yoga teacher and now podcast host - Mary Catherine Starr.

circle update

Circle update

So if either (or both) of those free groups are of interest, please pop over and sign up - it's really quick and easy and we'd love to connect with you.

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