February 2016 - monthly dreams and goals


February is well and truly upon us and I thought it was time I shared by monthly dreams and goals with you.  Pssst - have you penned yours?

The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within.

- William C. Bryant


Why is it a good idea to write down your goals and dreams?

We all want to get things done, right?  We have timelines, ideas we want to see come to life, projects to finish, personal achievements fulfilled etc.  The thing is, if we don't have a clear vision of what we actually want to achieve, together with a way of getting there, it just becomes an unfocused jumble and we're in danger of losing all sense of bringing anything to completion.

I find by thinking over my goals, projects and then finally writing them down in my Planner, (along with the creative aspect of including imagery, washi tape, using pretty pens/colours etc.), that this really allows me to be fully conscious of what's important for that particular month (body, mind and spirit) and then nudges me to formulate action steps to go alongside my dreams and goals.

As it describes in Forbes Woman, don't forget to make the steps towards your goal measurable and achievable ie. don't set the bar too high (or too low) and then sabotage yourself.  Also, be specific with the steps rather than vague goals such as: 'tidy the kitchen', 'begin a new body of artwork' or, 'exercise more'.  

Oh and don't just use this practice in order to only achieve straight-forward practical goals but also to ponder upon what's important spiritually for you in order to nourish yourself, be available to others and still have some reserves left.  It might be taking a walk once per week, having a cup of tea with a friend, sitting out in your garden, beginning a new devotional or going to bed earlier to contemplate the day.

My February Dreams

For my February dreams, the daffodils (see below) caught my eye - who can refuse those bright, yellow trumpets of joy?  Then, Snowdrops forming a white speckled carpet around a tree is the other image that resonated with me.

  • So for this month of February, I will be concentrating on creating and sorting out artwork for an upcoming exhibition beginning the 1St March.

IMG_8457 (1)

  • I'd really like to begin walking again with my husband one morning per week now that the weather is (kind of) improving and more importantly, that his leg surgery has all come to an end and he is healing nicely (after five years!).

February 2016

  • As always, I want to spend more time in prayer and immersed in the Word.  This is of course, an ongoing desire.


  • I'm keen to finish making some little fabric curtains for covering over shelving etc in our kitchen.
  • To come up with a couple activities to do with our boys in the upcoming half term school holidays.
  • Lastly, I'd like to continue tweaking my website and adding new pages of content.


Anyway, I hope I've inspired you to write down your goals and dreams so as to create a 'vision' for what's important for you this February 2016 - I guarantee that you'll feel more focused and enjoy greater clarity this month.  

Please, let me know how you get on, I'd love to hear from you...

PS.  Oh and if you need further help on this, please watch my video where I talk further about the creative aspect to this practice.


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