We're starting a 'family journal'


family journal For each of my three boys I have their 'first year' journal that I recorded their various milestones in - you know, like their first word, tooth, bath, wave, mouthful of food, step etc. [sigh].  Then time moves on and whilst I keep a journal (and art journal) most days, I still feel there's still so much that is left forgotten, unsaid and discarded - little gems, you know?

As a little experiment, we've decided to start a Family journal

By that I mean everyone in the family will have access to it (along with lots of coloured pens located nearby) and the only rule (I may regret this!) for adding anything to the journal, is that it's legible.  It's very early day's and I'll have to update you as time goes on as to how successful it is but I'm hopeful.

Yesterday for instance, we went to Harewood House and had a really lovely time in the sunshine.  I printed off some contact sheets with some of the photos taken from the day and Joseph added a couple leaves he had found.  Benji wanted to add the brochure and part of the ticket stub to the journal.

I'm pretty open to what everyone would like to add and see the journal evolving over time.  The main thing is that I really don't want it to become an obligation so I think keeping it spontaneous and light is the way to go.

family journal

We chatted about taking it in turns (sometimes) to being 'chief writer' if a more lengthy piece was to be written.  Also, the boys want to add their drawings and I thought this was a great idea (especially if I date them).

So if you fancy giving this a go or maybe you already do something like this in your family, I'd love to hear from you in the comments below or over on my Facebook page.

Jane xo



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