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We know the truth deep down but still we try to make everyone and everything 'ok' don't you find?  We don't control anything in reality...

Do not make prayer a monologue-make it a conversation. - Author unknown

My Mum has not been well for the last six months or so and it's taken quite some time to hear she has in fact suffered some mini-strokes.

The impact is really tough (most notably for Mum) and I've felt numerous times that I'm stumbling around trying to come to terms with this reality.

Recently, I created a video (the first in a series) over in my Art Circle and there I talk about prayer, our family situation, imperfection and perseverance as well as sharing my faith art journaling process (see below for the finished piece).

Faith Art Journaling

My belief is that prayer does not have to fit into a 'box' - it's so much more.  The above piece is quite primitive, child-like, raw and expressive but that's how I was feeling at the time.  However, out of the imperfect comes beauty; maybe not your 'typical' beauty but a softening.

You'll see in the picture above and the video that there's a lot of scribbling, splashing on of paint and releasing.  I know God meets me right there on the paper in all my brokenness and sets me on my path once again.

I do hope you will join my faith art journaling series and should you have any challenges in your life that you need prayer for, please also come by my Prayer Forum.

Jane x


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