Spring is emerging all around me and it's just thrilling don't you think?  I always feel inspired at this time of year, so it seemed natural to create my first monthly 'arty' challenge on my art circle and the prompt is 'emerging' - hence the title of my new painting that I wanted to share with you all. Below was the first stage and it literally is emerging - paint and ink, all deliciously out of control.


Below is a close up of a bud that I've painted and of course this represents growth in the normal sense of the word but I'm also thinking of 'emerging' in terms of my faith, my artwork, as a woman and the various seasons of life that we find ourselves in.


Below is the final version of Emerging and I'm really chuffed with how it's turned out.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece of artwork - it's interesting because it feels like various aspects of the painting, represent different parts of me.


If you'd like to take part in my Arty Challenge, simply join my art circle by clicking the link and following the signing up process. 

From there, click on the Members Area tab and you will find the appropriate link in the drop down menu.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jane x


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