Dreaming Of Roses + The Stories Behind


I'm excited to share with you my two newest pieces of artwork - Dreaming of Roses I and II - by the way, they're both available over in my Etsy shop if you'd care to check them out for a little more detail. Dreaming of Roses I

Really, I've had a lifelong love affair with roses.  I love everything about them; well maybe not the thorns pricking my fingers when trying to prune them but I'll forgive them for that.

Dreaming of Roses I

My Granny always loved roses and I have a distinct memory helping her plant some in her garden when I would be about four.  I remember feeling so important when she asked if I'd like to help her plant them.

Dreaming of Roses I

Another memory I have is when I would carefully collect several petals and pop them into a pretty bowl and add water from the tap.  As far as I was concerned, I was making rose perfume and proceeded to splash it about all over myself.

Dreaming of Roses II

I'm also remembering my husband giving me some red roses when he asked me to marry him - I still have them.  Oh and I had pink roses for our wedding...


When we first moved to our present house, my mother in law bought us some David Austin roses for planting down our driveway - they are beautiful when in bloom and I love to just bask in their unabashed magnificence.

Dreaming of Roses II

Lastly, roses remind me of warm days after school and in the holidays when I would sit outside on a deckchair in the garden and dream of how my life would be as a 'grown up' - who would I marry, might I have children and all the things I might do with my life in the future...

Take care and thanks for being interested in my work and some of the stories 'behind the scenes...' - you're the greatest!

Jane xo


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