Do you give too much of yourself + then feel empty?

As a wife, mother and business owner, time and energy are in short supply at the best of times.  Even so, I want to 'embrace' the life I have in the here and now and not be stuffing it full to bursting with activity...

I need to take care of me - the woman that I see in the mirror looking back at me...

in nature

Because we also have needs of our own don't we?  We're not machines.  We have desires, hopes, dreams and fears deep inside.  Stuff in our hearts, minds, body and soul that need sifting through.  Some parts may need raking, other bits dug up and still other areas that need to be fully excavated and moved on out!  It's the way of a life lived...

But friends, if there isn't time - (if we don't make time) to sift through our hearts with tenderness, love and respect, aren't we doing ourselves a great disservice?  Really?

Ironically, once I gave myself permission to explore my inner world and finally listen to my heart, I became a much BETTER mother, wife and friend etc.  I stopped denying my needs and persistent whispers and listened.  It's changed me profoundly.  Now, my days are still full, messy and unpredictable but I have reserves.  I'm infinitely more patient with our children, understanding and way less cranky!  So, stop being nice and start being honest with yourself and those around you.  What do you need?

So, this is my invitation to you with the new ecourse that I've launched.  Yes, I have changed things around a bit because it just wasn't quite right but I'm there now and I hope you'll answer the whisperings in your heart - I can show you how...

Below, I'm discussing the need for making time to breathe, pause and just 'be' and also showing a little clip of one art making tutorial that will be available in FULL on my ecourse, along with other projects.


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