Delight painting class peek


Delight Painting Class Peek

Play like a child, because you are still that beautiful child. ― Bryant McGill

Delight painting class

Whilst making the last of the videos for my newly finished Delight Painting Class I realised my artwork was loosening up more and more and it's been a bit of a turning point for me and my art-making process.  I usually work intuitively but this brought things to a whole new level and I totally like it.

I had signed up recently for Tim's Sally's ecourse entitled Soulbird and it turned out to be glorious and very inspiring and just what I needed to help me let go a little.

Recently some close family members have been plagued by ill health and I think that sense of release and freedom has been really good for me lately.  I needed to let go a little and remember some of that delight from childhood - you know that feeling when being an adult seems to have too much responsibility associated with it?  When you long for things to be uncomplicated and straightforward?  Yes, that's been a strong feeling for me recently.

Delight painting class

So, I've been tickled pink by it all and feel so inspired to make more artwork like this.  The above project was created on gessoed watercolour paper and then multi-layered with acrylic paint, pencil, charcoal and pressed leaves.  In fact the wings are a combination of yellow rose petals, rose leaves and the red leaves from our blueberry bush.

Delight painting class

Delight painting class - finished projects

The whole creative experience of the Delight painting class has been a joy and I've been really pleased with the feedback I've received thus far.  You never know the response you will get to a new offering but you move forward anyway hoping and trusting that it resonates with people and that it's inspiring, fun and inviting.

Oh and in other news, I've decided to offer a monthly-ish newsletter to people should they wish to subscribe.  Up until now I've only had a subscription to the blog posts but I thought it was about time to offer a newsletter providing you with a roundup of latest happenings and then extra news on artwork updates, sales, ecourses, family and life happenings etc.  So, if this is of interest to you, please go to my blog page and in the right-hand sidebar, you will notice the signing up box.  It's really easy to sign up, so please go ahead if this interests you.

I've also got some other news in the pipeline but can't reveal that just yet but will be doing so shortly - stay tuned for that, it's one of the biggest and scariest things I've ever done with my business.

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