Delight - NEW Art Ecourse!

I've enjoyed teaching 'Embrace' so much, that I am so excited to be now offering another ecourse called 'Delight'.  This will be a painting and art journalling self-paced ecourse predominantly, where you will be creating whimsical and joyful pieces in your journal or making an art 'book' based on this theme of Delight.  Yay!!! delight ecourse small button pic


For me, there are so many times in my life that I feel Delight.  Whether it be a happy memory I'm recalling from my childhood, a beautiful and inspiring dream, something special and touching that's taken place with my boys or husband, a special event or occasion or simply observing nature on a Spring day - whatever it may be, I want to help you capture that feeling in a way that feels authentic to you and then help you translate that image onto paper so that you can come back to it time and time again - reliving that happy time with Delight.


delight ecourse collage pic


I always love incorporating other aspects of myself and my personality, so on this ecourse I'll be sharing my knowledge of aromatherapy (I'm a qualified Aromatherapist) and in particular how I use essential oils whilst painting and creating.

There will be journal prompts to get your mind humming with lots of lovely ideas for your artwork and relaxation tips to help get you ready for 'zen-like' painting and lots of play, spontaneity and Delight!

I also discuss ideas for ignoring and ultimately putting aside your inner critic (party spoiler!).  Why spoil the fun?

Life wouldn't be the same without a few 'selfies' added to the mix using our cameras out in the great outdoors.  Then, I'll show you how to include your favourite pics in a painting.

Learn the basics of sketching outdoors and flower pressing.

As a bonus feature, I'm including a how-to video on making your own affirmation cards using watercolour paint - they'd be lovely to give as a gift to a dear friend or to keep them for yourself.

So, I do hope you join me and registration is now open.  The price is £35 - really good value.

Please follow this link for Delight if you'd like to learn more...



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