Delight - a sneak peek into my journal

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Would you like to join me in celebrating YOUR life this Summer? 

So, here's a little sneak peek at my art journal! I'm loving exploring 'Delight' using mixed media and other juicy ideas for discovery.  In the example shown, I've handwritten various things about life that bring me delight such as birdsong, a glass of wine out on the patio on a warm Summer's evening, family picnics etc.

delight ecourse

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Delight - the dictionary definition is: pleasure, joy, satisfaction, happiness, ecstasy.

We all have far too much to do these days with various of stresses and strains but you know sometimes, having a look at our lives and the many things that delight us can magically transform us and leave us feeling uplifted, renewed and grateful for what we DO have and also more equipped to deal with the here and now.

Also, these days I find I'm really curious about my childhood, special days like my wedding day [sigh] and the birth of our children - 'my boys' [aww]...  However, it's not just the 'once in a lifetime' things I remembering, it's also the everyday happenings that touch my heart and it feels wonderful to be able to capture snippets of my life past and present in a way that feels creative, meaningful, inspiring and playful.

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Have a wonderful weekend...


delight art ecourse

Enrolling NOW - Begins: 1st August

This self-paced ecourse is all about celebrating your life and taking ‘Delight‘ in little things – happy childhood memories, joyful times with family, inspiring moments in nature etc.

I’ll be sharing with you my favourite tips and tricks as well as the basics of ‘art‘ and ‘journalling‘, along with flower pressing, out ‘n’ about sketching from life, journal prompts, collage how to’s, some self-portraiture using our cameras and creating some whimsical and primitive styled ‘women/girls’.

This ecourse is ideal for beginners and anyone else who enjoys making space in their life for creativity, play and whimsy!


Receive my 'Heart Letters' & + enjoy optional extras: Free access to the 'Inspiration Library', 20% off online classes, Free prints, art videos + more...