December dreams + goals 2015


Well, hello December dreams and goals, as we now approach the end of 2015...

I know I say this every month but I really can't believe we're here again - December dreams.

How did it get so late so soon? ― Dr. Seuss

December dreams

My December dreams and goals for this month are, (as you can see from my chosen magazine images) a lot to do with keeping warm, cosy, some tradition - ie. the Christmas tree pic (hopefully picking ours up on Monday), devouring a lot of comforting, yummy soup and festive decorating ie. the mantel piece pic and precious time with family over Advent and Christmas of course (yikes, our boys finish school two weeks today).

December dreams

I'm pacing myself for a local Artist in Residence day coming up on 12th Dec - lots of organizing of prints, cards and artwork for the day etc.

December dreams

Last month, I didn't manage to play in my sketchbook as much as I would have liked, so that's on the list this month.

December dreams

These days I'm finding going to bed a little earlier and having more time to read is also very comforting and feels so good.  I'm taking note of Gretchin Ruben's Book Club Choices for December and as an aside, thought her post on What do you do with holiday cards? was interesting.

Lastly, I'm going to continue to give my website some tlc by adding new content and generally bringing it all together.  By the way, I hope you like my new logo that I designed and yes, I think I might just keep this look and colour-scheme for a while. ;)

So, over to you and what are your December dreams and goals?

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