December : dreams + goals


Hello December

Hello December

More than ever this year, I want to really savour Christmas and not just watch it pass by in a blur - yep, I'm determined and this is showing up in my December : dreams + goals for this month.

I'm putting aside time each day (and as a family) to remember what Christmas really means to me and trying to do away with details, chores and busyness that just doesn't need or warrant my attention.  So far it's going okay and I'm managing to balance things (just) but I know this could be open to change, so I'm just staying curious and open to 'adjustment', so to speak.

Hello December Hello December

How about you?  Have you considered penning your December : dreams + goals so that you can reflect upon what's important to you this month and what can be put aside?

Much love.

Jane xo



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