Creative Biz Series: When plans go awry



This series focuses on managing the many aspects of running a creative biz from home.  So whether you'd like to start your own creative business or already have one, I’ll be sharing tips, insights and reflections just for you…

The weekend just gone was May Day Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and we were to have an extended time together as a family and amongst other activities, attend our youngest son's school May Day ceremony along with maypole dancing in the village where his school is located.  However, you know the saying 'best laid plans...' right?

Saturday was fine but on Sunday our nine year old was really unwell and in fact we had to leave church after about 15 minutes into the service.  He rapidly declined and only just went back to school yesterday.

Of course this is the reality of having children and being human (of course) but still when you are a small business owner and have lots of work to catch up on, this type of event and then the inevitable 'fall out' can leave you in total meltdown and throw off your whole week - mentally, physically and emotionally.

So what to do?

1. Take a deep breath - 'blips' come and go.  There will always be situations that come up from time to time and it's part of life - try to put it into perspective.  A question to ask yourself:  Will I remember this a year from now, one month from now?  If not, let it go.

2. Be flexible - if possible, temporarily shift your business responsibilities around - consider working early morning or later evening.

3. Let go of perfection - this is not the time for over achieving or taking on extra work that is not of paramount importance - focus on your most important tasks and do your best with those.


4. Look after yourself - when we're feeling under pressure, it's easy to forget about our basic needs.  Try if anything, to be MORE aware of your needs ie. I made some warm, comforting and nourishing roasted butternut squash soup for Benjamin and I.  It helped a lot...


5. There's lessons to be learned - try not to tense up and give in to the demands of life - there's still many opportunities for blessings all around you.  As Benjamin was improving, I ran a bath for him and as I caught sight of him playing in the bath, my heart melted with love for him.  I wouldn't have swapped this time with him after all.


6. This too shall pass - put things into perspective.  The plumbing will get fixed, so will the car.  Your child will get better etc.

7. Be aware of your inner conflict and don't feel guilty.  We all get frustrated when our plans go awry but we can only do so much - we're not really in control anyway...  Write out your thoughts if that helps - clear away the clutter in your head.

8. Get clear with your aims - keep on plugging away and know that readjustment and unexpected turns along the way is part of the journey - you'll get there...

Jane xo


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