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Insta oka Instagram - I love it and post there frequently – truth be told, it’s my favourite online place to connect.  Meanwhile, here on my blog, I’ll be regularly sharing a roundup/glimpse version of my various activities etc.  Lastly, it would be lovely to connect with you over on Instagram – so please come by and say ‘Hi’.

Yes, I know I said weekly for my Insta roundup but for me, I hate being tied down to specifics - think it's the 'wild creative' part of me.  So, the Insta slot will be here regularly but just not every week lol.

  • Went to the Life Church in Bradford, UK with our boys.  Great worship and guitar playing!
  • Did you take a look at my new painting over in my etsy shop ?  It's called Daisy The Cow lol.
  • Here are my March dreams and goals - did you pen yours?
  • Yummy tea! I'm really enjoying sweet rhubarb tea from Taylor's Tea From Harrogate.  I'm hearing good things about some of their other teas too ie. Spiced Apple and Rose Lemonade.
  • New month so new painting on my Reading Woman's Calendar.  The painting is 'Tea Time' painted by German artist, Robert Emil Stubner in 1910.
  • Mother's Day celebrations (6th March) although unfortunately my Mum wasn't able to join us because of her painful osteoporosis.
  • Top right (unfortunately, the photos are dark - sorry) - our youngest decided to hand make some fireworks to mark the end of Mother's Day!
  • My hubby and I took a walk locally to 'Two Stoops' or Yorke's Folly.  Nice to be able to go for walks with my husband now that his leg surgery is improving and to enjoy the Nidderdale (an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).
  • Both our boys took music exams yesterday - our youngest, Benjamin took his grade 2 clarinet.  Joseph took his grade 1 piano.  We won't hear for a few weeks so we just hope they've passed!
  • I set up my art exhibition over at How Stean Gorge in their restaurant, so if you live locally and haven't managed to visit yet, please do.
  • A few sketches were shared - one of a pomegranate - love the colour and taste!  Some loose sketches of flowers, including one with a Happy Mother's Day message and lastly, another loose sketch in a new mixed media sketchbook by Stillman & Birn from the Delta Series of some purple flowers in a china jug.
  • Pancakes!  Yes, (healthy) homemade pancakes and also ones that we enjoyed in a local cafe that has recently opened in Pateley Bridge.
  • The Gift Of The Red Bird  - a wonderful book that I borrowed from a friend by the author Paula D'Arcy.

That's it for this time and I do hope you've enjoyed this Insta glimpse!



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