Earlybird Offer: Celebrate your life with 'Delight'


I'm coming to you as one super excited lady!  The filming of my new ecourse Delight is going superbly and I'm loving how everything is coming together.  Enrollments are coming in now and YOU can go here if you would like to sign up too!

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The ecourse is held on my personal website and will be available from Monday, 20 October 2014.

Delight - the ecourse...

delight ecourse pic

I chose the word Delight because for me it conjures up delicious memories of my childhood playing with glitter, baking with my Mum or Granny, adventures in nature, glue and paint splattered hands, playing 'tea parties' with my teddies and making rose water perfume from freshly picked flowers from the garden.


So, really you could say I'm on a mission to bring some of that and so much more into our all to often over-scheduled, stressful and chaotic lives today.  As women/Mums/Wives etc. with multi-responsibilities, working many hours outside or inside the home, we must claim some time for us.  For our own sense of freedom, exploration, release, self-discovery and well-being it's vital to give ourselves this gift of Delight.  By doing so, we open the door to numerous gifts that are literally waiting for us.

delight and painting

I have this image of delight - it's that feeling of running as a child with the wind swirling about your hair, your coat above your head and feeling that any moment the wind will sweep you up and you'll  fly.  Giggles rise up and squeals of delight burst forth as you catch the eye of your friend - both of you together with pink rosy cheeks - you collapse into each others arms laughing...

boys and delight

take time for delight



Here's a little glimpse...

* 'Playing' exercises with watercolour and acrylic paint - no getting it 'wrong', just play and delight.

delight watercolour tree

* Having fun with collage - we'll be making a painted 3d box (the end result is gorgeous to display as a little 'altar' piece).

delight box

* We'll be making a simple little journal that celebrates who we are and our lives using the artwork we'll create.

* Let's get raw and messy - art journaling with emotion, feeling and self-discovery.

* Pressing flowers or leaves (since it's that time of year for many of us) and incorporating our treasures into a mixed media piece.

* Using photos in artwork. 


And so much more - all with video instruction, happy accidents along the way and a whole lot of Delight (of course)!

You will encounter Delight as you feel and witness vibrant colour moving across the page as if by magic.  Colours blending, feelings translated onto paper, no anxiety, no rushing, just play.  It's a beautiful thing - this gift we all possess if we just unlock it.

So, try it - you might just be 'Delighted'!

Jane xo


Please feel free to share this post AND EARLYBIRD OFFER with other women who you feel may be interested in some Delight in their lives.  They'll thank you for it... ;)


A little about me...

IMG_1120I'm a mixed media artist who lives in the UK with my hubby, Robert of 12 years and our two boys ages 11 and 9. 

Most days I can be found at our kitchen table with a cup of milky tea, our little dog Mia by my side and a whole lot of paints, brushes, too many ideas in my head and a whole lot of love in my heart. 

When I'm not painting, you may find me outdoors walking Mia and chatting to other dog owners or even peeking over fences and 'conversing' with sheep, cows or horses (yes, I am that nutty!).

I love being silly with our boys, reading soulful books, being part of our church community, having meaningful chats with friends, visiting new places and embracing life the best I can.

Some of my artwork has been licensed worldwide.  I offer online creativity one-to-one sessions for small business owners or women wishing to cultivate a creative life.  I sell my artwork to an international clientele.  My first ecourse is entitled Embrace



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