In The Flow: Art Workshop - 6 Oct 2015 - Grassfield Hall

I'm really excited to introduce a new art workshop called 'In The Flow' that I will be hosting in Pateley Bridge at the gorgeous Grassfield Hall, luxury bed and breakfast owned by Lisa and Alex Homer.  The date for this first workshop is October 6 but is also available from now for any group of 6. Please read below for more info, booking and payment details...



in the flow art workshop


In The Flow - Art Workshop - (max 6)

No experience is necessary and ALL levels are welcome.

£50 per person (materials included).

In addition: free welcome drink upon arrival, healthy snack + delicious catered lunch.

Duration: 4 hours. 11am-3pm

Accommodation is not included in the price but is available if you wish to stay at Grassfield (unless sold out).

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Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.

– Dee Hock


This is a unique opportunity to experience the quaint and beautiful town of Pateley Bridge, nestled in Nidderdale, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), North Yorkshire and meet like-minded creative friends...

In our 'In The Flow' mixed media workshop, you'll create intuitive and self-expressive artwork whilst soaking up lots of inspiration within the historical, friendly, relaxed and luxurious atmosphere of Grassfield Hall.

Read my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below to find out more...



Do I need to be an artist or have previous painting/drawing experience in order to take part?

Not at all - in fact I believe that we are all creative and that's why ALL levels are welcome. You will find the workshop to be both informal and encouraging.

What will I make?

During this 'In The Flow' hands on painting workshop, Jane will share some of her favourite mixed media techniques and carefully thought out exercises. You'll be encouraged to create from a place of spontaneity, experimentation, intuition, playfulness and most likely encounter 'happy creative accidents' along the way. Enjoy creating some loose sketches from nature (imagery provided) and go on to explore mark making, organic shapes, the colour wheel, texture, form, composition and light whilst all the while, connecting with the moment in a way that's freeing, effortless and self expressive whilst at the same time complex.

At the end of the workshop, you'll come away with new creative skills that you can develop further as well as artwork that you can be proud of - win, win!

art workshop

Do I need to bring my own art materials and supplies?

No worries - ALL of your art materials, supplies and inspiration sources, are included in the workshop.

Just bring yourself, an open heart and the desire for creative adventures.


Facilities and Where To Stay

Grassfield Hall is owned by hoteliers, Alex and Lisa Homer and has quite a lot of history attached to it. Thankfully, Amy Collins loved photography and has left a wonderful legacy of photos to give a sense of it's bygone days...

in the flow


The room we will paint in has beautiful, large windows with an airy and modern feel to it. An ideal space to work from.

If you require accommodation for the night(s), please look no further than Grassfield Hall - at £95 per night - including breakfast (this is a special offer for the workshop), you will find it both very affordable, luxurious and an ideal base for sightseeing and relaxation. Here are some ideas for sightseeing and things to do in the Pateley Bridge and Harrogate area, to get you started. If you require further tips such as favourite places to eat, activities such as fishing, cycling, walking, horse riding, historical hot spots and beauty spots etc., please let me know.


You'll make new friends and enjoy plenty of time and opportunity for your creative wings to flourish.

The 'In The Flow' Art Workshop includes:

  • all of your art materials for the workshop + full instruction
  • a complimentary meet + greet welcome drink at Grassfield Hall
  • delicious catered lunch served by Lisa (by the way, you'll love her!), the owner of Grassfield Hall.
  • yummy snacks during our workshop
  • unlimited access to our private In The Flow Art Workshop Facebook group where you can connect and keep in touch with other participants

art workshop


Please email me: jane_hinchliffe@btinternet.com


All that remains to say, is that I can't wait to welcome you to In The Flow!



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Free Watercolour Class


watercolour class Today I'm really excited to share with you a free watercolour class via my recently created Womens' Creativity Circle.  This particular class contains a series of three videos where I chat about supplies, share tips, show some examples of my own work and take you through two videos whilst showing you the 'wet in wet' and 'wet in dry' techniques that you normally associate with the watercolour process.

watercolour class

This free watercolour class is all about inspiring and equipping you to create some cute  and easy to produce paintings using a medium you perhaps haven't used before or have used but you weren't happy with the results.  My aim is to demystify this medium; to set you at ease for experimenting and play!  I also talk about using other media alongside watercolour and touch on ideas for creating texture ie. using salt.

If you are already familiar with watercolour, the videos might just give you some fun ideas for taking your paintings in a different direction just by trying something new or approaching things from another point of view.

Adding watercolours to your 'creativity arsenal' is such fun and makes a great way to spend an hour or two with your children; I love the easy set up and clear away!

watercolour class

To gain access to this free watercolour class simply sign up to my creativity circle and then click 'join us' (in pink lettering).  From there, you will also be able to join three other classes that are available for free.

So come on over and enjoy this free watercolour class whilst connecting with other like-minded women.

Jane xo




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New 'baby' - My Creativity Circle

I've been a bit remiss (and in truth, a little shy) I feel in not speaking more on my new 'baby' - the Creativity Circle that I have lovingly put together for women everywhere; women just like you... Here is the direct link: http://janehinchliffeartist.ning.com/

Once you have clicked the link, you will enter the ning network and my Art Circle.  To join, simply click 'Sign Up' at the top right hand corner of your screen.  From there, fill in your email address and a password.  Shortly after, you will receive an email and you'll be able to access the Circle (and free classes) whenever you wish...

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.

- Bill Moyers

creativity circle

As you'll see in the above screen shot, I am also offering three free classes in this new space (hosted by ning) and I'd love to have you join and connect with me and other Members who have gathered so far.

It doesn't come naturally for me to be pushy or 'blow my own trumpet' but I also know that this is something I truly believe in; is so important to me and therefore if I don't tell you all about it, my vision has no chance of coming to fruition (obvious I know but for an introvert, can be a problem).

Vision for my Creativity Circle

Well first of all, I want it to be a place of nurturing for women everywhere - a haven for when you feel stuck and need to be lifted and inspired.  Likewise, when you're feeling a buzz of creativity hyper, that you will feel called to share your thoughts, pictures and creations with us.

Home - Jane Hinchliffe | Women's Creativity Circle 2015-01-21 12-23-16

I also am excited about women coming together and sharing their tips, little techniques they've picked up, the latest products, cool books, apps and suggestions or ideas on a particular topic.

As a Creativity Circle, not only will it focus on art but other forms of creativity too like poetry, art journaling, photography, crochet, crafting, writing, sewing etc.

I'm definitely looking forward to sharing lots of content via video but equally want to share thoughts in the future on practical ideas/solutions/inspiration on other important parts of my life such as family, marriage, health, service to others and faith etc. within (and sometimes not) the context of 'creativity'.

I've created this space to be a haven for learning, inspiration, sharing techniques, tips, self-expression, encouragement, love and play!

So, once you are a Member (it's free), you can connect and contribute (as much or as little as you like) with other Members, join in the forums, invite your friends along, take part in discussions (or start your own), join my free art courses and even purchase classes.

Just the word 'Circle' to me feels expansive, inviting, open and joyful.  When women gather together, powerful change takes place.

So as you've probably gathered, I'm just so thrilled (and a tiny bit nervous but mainly excited) to be sharing this space with you and look forward to connecting with you all and us growing this creativity community together...

Jane xo


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I'm back!

It's been a long time coming this blog post that's all I can say - phew!

familycelebration 8 Oct 2013 11-16

In the summer, I had decided to switch from TypePad to Wordpress.org thinking it wouldn't be too big a deal but boy was I wrong!  It has been a very big deal and one of the consequences has been particularly massive.  All my blog posts from the last two years got transferred (after nearly pulling my hair out) but NONE of the images did.  So, after lots of heartache, technical research (you wouldn't believe), tears, angst and all the rest of it, I have decided to stay put but say 'goodbye' to all my posts, photos and other bits and pieces.

The good news though, is that I'm back and I'm so, so happy to be back.  By the way, the guest posts that were included previously, will be gradually incorporated into this blog.  It's amazing how much I've missed working on my blog.  I know things still don't look that pretty but it'll get there...

So, I will be showing you my artwork, sharing my heart and hopefully inspiring you to get creative!

As always, I love to hear from you, so please get in touch if you fancy a 'virtual' chat.





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